2015 Pushcart Nominations


2015 has been a busy year for us, and we’re so happy about all the new friends we’ve made and work we’ve been trusted with publishing. It was really hard to choose among so many amazing pieces, but here are our 2015 Pushcart Prize nominations!

Bounty, Zeke Russell – Maps for Teeth / Issue # 3 / Fall 2015

american is a hyphen, Elaine Hsiang / from: one day i will be louder than all the bruises on your knees (Pizza Pi Press, 2015)

Ok here’s a good one, Josh Elbaum – Maps for Teeth / Issue # 3 / Fall 2015

You Know How To Say Arroz Con Pollo But Not What You Are, Melissa Lozada-Oliva, from: PLASTIC PAJAROS (Pizza Pi Press, 2015)

Inside Voice, Anna Meister – Maps for Teeth / Issue #3 / Fall 2015

Write a Letter to Your Mother About Your Longest Winter, Chen Chen – Maps for Teeth / Issue #2 / Spring 2015


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