Jess Rizkallah, editor in chief / head pizza


Jess Rizkallah is a Lebanese-American writer / illustrator / coffee slinger living in Boston. A recent graduate from Lesley University with a BA in English, Creative Writing, and Illustration. Soon to be MFA candidate at NYU. Founder and editor at Pizza Pi Press and Maps for Teeth. Jess is published in some places on the internet and on paper but is most proud of being featured next to her Jido’s rocking chair. She’s a Pushcart Prize nominated writer and nationally ranked WOWPS poet. Expert Emotional Crier Because Whales. Official Friend To Anyone With A Story They Want To Tell About Grandparents. She thinks third person is weird but hopes you’ll forgive her. //


Cassandra de Alba, associate editor / social media / spins the pizza on her finger like a basketball308803_46a2p9jc

Cassandra de Alba is a poet/writer/editor/possible deer disguised as a human currently based out of an apartment aptly named the Feral Bitch Palace. An alum of Simmons College, her work has appeared in numerous publications including Drunken Boat, Illuminati Girl Gang, Vector Press, The Nervous Breakdown, and Anti-, among many others. Her chapbook Habitats is published on Horseless Press. // @cassandraintroy


Tiffany Mallery, associate editor / illustration / wears the poofy chef hat


Tiffany Mallery is an illustrator based out of the midwest. She graduated in May 2015 from Lesley University’s College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration. While not at her day job, she freelances and collaborates with a variety of people, and hopes to one day turn art making into a full time gig. Some likes include stormy weather, eggs, learning new crafts, and searching for spooky antiques.

She is also obsessed with Instagram and is known to triple post with reckless abandon.

Find her work at: 


Josh Cornillon, associate editor / squishes tomatoes with feet


Josh Cornillon is a comic artist, illustrator, teacher, and possible frog (in a human suit.)

Originally from France, he now lives and works in Boston. He has an equal love for things fantastical and magical, and things campy and ridiculous. He is currently adjunct faculty in the illustration department of Lesley University as well as a children’s comic teacher at the Eliot School. He also helps coordinate the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE).  Currently, he publishes an ongoing webcomic Citadal and has been working on several new comic serials.

It’s more than apparent how busy he is but he always makes time for the important things, such as baking pies. Find his work at


Melissa Lozada-Oliva, associate editor / poet / sprinkles cheese like confetti

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 6.33.04 PM

Melissa Lozada-Oliva is a National Poetry Slam Champion (2015). With writing, Melissa wishes to capture the feeling her parents get when they meet someone from their home country and the feeling she gets when a Spanish word escapes her. She’s inspired by the cups of water her Abuelita leaves out for the birds and Beyoncé.

She has two books with Pizza Pi: Plastic Pájaros and Rude Girl is Lonely Girl. // @ellomelissa


Emmanuel Oppong-Yeboah, associate editor / tucks the crust in after bedtime story


Emmanuel Oppong-Yeboah is a Ghanaian American poet living out the diaspora in Boston (Massachusetts). He is both Black & alive. Emmanuel is the reviews editor for Winter Tangerine and an associate editor for pizza pi press. He currently serves as the Walltalk Teaching Artist for the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. He has work published or forthcoming in TheHartford Courant, Bird’s Thumb, & Narrative Northeast. Emmanuel deeply believes in Blackness as spectrum – Blackness as something transformative and subversive, even within a space of regulated nonbeing. He enjoys hot carbs, brightly colored chapbooks, and the long sigh at the end of a good book.


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