tiny press. all the lit. lots of art. we operate out of a pizza.

we’re a small DIY operation based out of boston, with arms in illinois & nyc. under our umbrella, we have a literary magazine, a chapbook series, and an anthology series. our editorial team is made up of poc & lgbtq+ creatives who are committed to amplifying the voices of marginalized artists. community is our most sacred pillar. we’re also very dedicated to pizza.

we want to make your chapbook/zine if you’ll trust us with it.

send manuscript as .doc or PDF to pizza3.14press@gmail.com. 16 page limit.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Christie Wicks says:

    I just ordered Plastic Pajaros and got a receipt, but I did not get any info about shipping or tracking. How fast will the book ship?


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